LandVest is the national leader in the marketing and sale of private, institutional and industrial timberland properties.  Timberland marketing has been a core service of LandVest since our inception in 1968.


As our business has expanded over the past five decades, we have continually refined our approach and innovated new marketing techniques to deliver the highest level of service to our clients and customers.

Timberland is considered an alternative, illiquid asset.  The role of LandVest’s Timberland Marketing Group is to create liquidity.  Liquidity can be defined as:

The ability to quickly convert an investment portfolio to cash with little or no loss in value.

The liquidity measure includes metrics for time (quickly), scale (portfolio) and value (maximization thereof).  At LandVest, we develop disposition plans and marketing techniques which maximize value and minimize the transaction timeline, through consideration of the entire portfolio of ownership.  

Each marketing project carefully evaluates client needs and expectations against specific property characteristics and current market conditions.  From there, LandVest develops a program which may include consolidation or subdivision of portfolio parcels, bifurcation of ownership rights (easement, mineral, timber deed or lease) and one or more marketing platforms (bid event or listing).  We then develop a marketing team which draws from the skills of all three divisions, including foresters, real estate brokers, GIS cartographers, finance experts, appraisers and land planners.  

LandVest differentiates itself from traditional real estate brokers and investment bank M&A teams through:

LandVest services every major timberland investment region of the U.S. through regional offices and specialized transaction groups that are expert in local geographies, markets and forest management techniques.  Our experience in managing over two million acres of timberland brings key operational knowledge to the transaction process.  Our affiliation with our luxury estates division offers marketing expertise and a network of high-net-worth individuals which is lacking in other traditional forest management and brokerage firms.  The partnership with our Real Estate Consulting Group brings technical land planning and valuation solutions to the transaction process.  

If you are an experienced investor, non-industrial private timberland owner or fiduciary, tasked with the evaluation or planning of a timberland disposition, we are ready to help.  Contact us to receive thoughtful and professional advice and learn how LandVest can add value to your process.