LandVest’s consultants are experts in valuing conservation easements and in structuring conservation transactions in creative, cost-effective and timely ways.  

We often work with property owners who want to ensure that their land is protected from high density development, but are concerned about limiting their choices in the future or reducing the value of their property. Some options that LandVest routinely advises on include:

  • Donations or sales of land to conservation organizations, natural resource agencies or municipalities
  • Donating or selling conservation easements
  • Selling land at a “bargain sale” price to obtain cash and tax benefits
  • Advising on enrollment in and/or withdrawal from “current use” property tax programs
  • Experienced fundraisers to assist conservation groups achieve their financial goals from private philanthropy and public sources
  • Excellent understanding of the qualifications and process to achieve funding from most local, state and federal public funding opportunities

LandVest’s appraisers are experts in valuing conservation easements, which includes the determination of a property’s highest and best use and market value both before and after it is encumbered by the easement. LandVest has appraised hundreds of conservation easements on properties located from New England to California, ranging in size from several acres to over 500,000 acres. We are frequently asked to assist both landowners and acquiring entities to evaluate the financial and tax implications of alternative easement terms and configurations prior to conveyance.