The Energy & Environmental Asset Group provides advisory, management, and brokerage opportunities in renewable energy and environmental assets for public, private and corporate landowners and investors.


These opportunities may include:

LandVest staff will conduct a Natural Capital Assessment of a property, combining GIS and a narrative analyses of proprietary and public information with brief market commentaries on applicable energy or environmental asset markets. 


Alternative energy from wind, solar, biomass, and geothermal sources continues to draw investors and developers to the growing market for alternative sources, often incentivized by federal and state programs. 

Many landowners can benefit from the solar development market without having to commit significant capital to a project by leasing property to an experienced solar developer. Typical lease terms are 20-25 years with annual payments to the landowner, based on the size and cost of the project. Property taxes are generally paid by the developer.

LandVest can determine whether a site is viable for solar development, locate the best solar developer, and market suitable sites for lease or sale through our custom solar outreach efforts. Take a look at our current portfolio of potential solar sites for lease or sale.

Developers seeking potential sites to build renewable energy projects work with LandVest’s GIS Department to identify these opportunities.