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Non-Profit Projects - St Margaret Real Estate Office

Conservation Planning, Disposition, and Generation of Endowment for a Religious Organization

Duxbury, Massachusetts

The Episcopal Order of the Society of St. Margaret used this oceanfront compound as a retreat center, but needed to generate an endowment for maintenance costs. The Town of Duxbury and a local conservation trust had a great interest in the property, since it is located close to the Town center. All parties had a commitment to the stewardship of the property, and needed to find a way to meet their goals.
LandVest designed a plan to accommodate conflicting uses, including a summer camp, town green, private residence, and retreat center. The team explored various land use plans to examine the physical impact on the retreat center and on their financial return. LandVest managed the property survey, building inspection, and soil testing for determining septic waste disposal suitability, and entered into extensive negotiation with officials from Duxbury and the conservation trust to develop a plan for town purchase and use.

LandVest was able to market a portion of the property as a waterfront lot, and it sold at a record price after a bidding war to a private buyer who leased the property back to the Order. The town purchased a street front section of the property for a Millennium Town Green and an option to purchase the remainder of the property, and the trust purchased a conservation easement of another portion for contemplative public use. A sufficient endowment was raised for the Episcopal Order to maintain the property, and Duxbury was able to protect some vital open space near the center of the village.