Conservation Disposition - King Oak Hill

Conservation Disposition - King Oak Hill Real Estate Office

Family Legacy Property Sold for Conservation

Weymouth, Massachusetts

LandVest assisted a family owning a 24-acre property in Weymouth, Massachusetts. The property featured a residence modeled after George Washington’s Mount Vernon and offered panoramic Boston skyline views.  It was the childhood home of beneficiaries who inherited it after their parents passed away, and was the last remaining large estate in the town, completely surrounded by dense development.   The clients had a strong desire to see the property permanently protected while also maximizing value to meet financial goals and obligations.

LandVest was initially engaged as advisors and appraisers to prepare and evaluate development and conservation options, and was subsequently hired to manage the property’s sale. The property was first offered to conservation groups, and the Town of Weymouth, for a limited period prior to an open market offering to developers and estate buyers.  

LandVest secured an agreement with the Town of Weymouth to purchase the property at full market value, thereby achieving the family’s financial and conservation goals.