Forestland Partition and Disposition - Winch

Forestland Partition and Disposition - Winch Real Estate Office

Valuation, Equitable Partition, and Disposition of Timberland For Family Trust

Royalston, Winchendon, and Ashburnham, Massachusetts

This property was a family legacy assembled over many years, comprised of 40 timberland parcels located in three towns with a total of 3,700± acres. It was held in a family trust due to dissolve and there was significant disagreement amongst the beneficiaries regarding what do with the asset. Ultimately a valuation and equitable partition of the property was required to meet each of the beneficiaries’ goals and to avoid a lengthy and costly court partition. The timber on the property needed a new inventory and numerous title issues complicated the valuation and ultimate partition.

LandVest’s Real Estate Consulting Group conducted an extensive evaluation of the titles and various recorded and unrecorded surveys to map the properties, some of which were encumbered by conservation easements. The team was then able to value the property based on highest and best use, which was managed timberland with some limited residential and commercial/industrial development. LandVest’s Timberland Division was also engaged to conduct an inventory of the timber. LandVest conducted an analysis of multiple 80/20 equitable partition models, facilitated family discussions to clearly define the beneficiaries’ goals, and created a disposition plan, which was implemented.

Once partitioned on an 80/20 basis, the 80% interest holders formed an LLC and decided to sell their ownership through LandVest’s Timberland Division, which assumed management responsibilities for the timber holdings. The properties were offered to a limited pool of potential buyers in a bid format to test the market and limit market exposure, and an acceptable offer was secured for the seller.